uck, man. Why'd you do that?" "Shit!" I said reaching down xhamster vintage and mixing our cum together on his face. "It doesn't mean anything. It's just two bro's helping each other get there rocks off, xxx hamster right?" Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 07:59:54 -0800 From: Cole Parker Subject: 8th Grade, Chapter 2 The following is a work of xhamster tube fiction. If you don't know the meaning of that, then you shouldn't be reading this, as the story is more complex than that statement and you hamster porno won't understand it. This story free porn will contain some sex between consenting partners. Both partners will be boys. If that isn't your cup of tea, or if xhamster categories this is illegal where you are or xhamster you are underage, I respectfully suggest you find your beverage www.xhamster.com of choice elsewhere. If you shouldn't be reading this, please don't. I don't want either of us to xhamster porno hamster x get in trouble, particularly me. This story will not contain a lot of sex-- in fact, just the exact exhamster amount appropriate for this story. Imagine xhamster femdom that! If you want a lot of sex, you probably should read a different story. There are a lot on this website. Remarks can be addressed to: Cole Parker 8th Grade Chapter 2 I was pushed up against the lockers, hard, soon after I left class. Brad was scowling down at me with nothing I wanted to know anything about shooting out of his eyes. "Fuckhead. What do you think you're doing?" he yelled at me. "I'm in xmaster.com big trouble. My parents are already all over me for my grades, and now detention on top of it. I was supposed to get a better grade on the next quiz, and I get a D, and I'll probably sit out my next game if I xhamster mature miss xhamster indonesia two practices, and I'll make my mom have to wait till detention is over to pick me up, and I'll be late for the dentist appointment, and, it's www xhamster.com all because you're such porno hamster a fucking hamster porno asshole. I'm going to kill you." This last pleasantry was mentioned as hamster porn he was drawing back his fist to xhamsters videos x hamester begin his announced program of mayhem. As he was a couple inches taller than I and perhaps 30 pounds heavier, as he was an athlete and, to put it succinctly, I wasn't, and as he was mad site xhamster.com xhamster as hell and I was scared shitless, the result of his fist flying unimpeded at my face wasn't going to xhamster videos be freeporn something xhamstercom I'd remember fondly when I was recalling my days at Carver xhamster video Middle School. If I lived to remember them. Perhaps it was my quivering hamsterx demeanor, perhaps it was the look of abject terror on my xhamster sex face, perhaps it was that my only sign of defense was to tightly close my eyes, I don't know, but in the end he didn't throw the punch. He stopped, took his left x video hand off my neck where it had been keeping me propped in an upright position, and I promptly slumped to the floor. He looked down at me disgustedly, said, "Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it," turned www.xhamster.com and steamed x hamsters away. The farther he walked, the lower his shoulders drooped in dejection. I should have stayed there, but I felt awful for him, this xhams golden boy for whom everything should go perfectly, and despite my fear hamster that he might change his mind about the murder, I got up as quickly as my still trembling legs would permit and ran stumblingly after him. "Brad,' I called as I got nearer to him, and he stopped. I ran up to him and faced him, screwing up my hamsterx courage. "Brad, I'm sorry. I x hampster really am, I'm really sorry. I didn't know you'd get detention. I xhamster geschichten never would have said anything if I'd known that. Actually, I said it so that. . . ." It suddenly occurred to me, much too late, that if I said I was feeling sorry for his humiliation he might be madder than he already was. You're not supposed to have protective emotions hamster porn like that for other boys, and you're absolutely not supposed to talk about them if you do. The pause lengthened. "You said it why?" Brad eventually asked. "I was mad and xhampster wanted xhamster japanese to make her mad. I didn't think anyone else would get involved. Graedon and I have been free xhamster fighting all year since I pointed out she did a problem wrong on the board. She's been trying to embarrass me ever since. She's an evil witch and if you get on her bad side, you never get off it. I xhamster desi just snapped today. She made me angry and I snapped. I can't believe I got you in trouble too, and I'm really, really sorry." "Fuckin' lot x-hamster of good that does me. Detention and a D. Oh yeah, it'll be fun times at my house tonight." "Brad, I can help you with the math. If you let me, we can get your grade up in math." "Yeah, that's just what I need. You and your F are going to help. Right." He looked disgusted. "I don't actually get F's in there. Even with her grading me as hard as she can and marking me off if my handwriting isn't neat enough or if I leave three spaces between problems instead of two, shit like that, I'm still getting an A-. I just wasn't thinking about math on this quiz and made a silly mistake. I do know this crap, and I can xhamter help." Brad didn't say anything for a minute. He was staring at me. Then, when he spoke, he said, "Aw xhamester shit, what harm can hamster porn it do? You can start in detention tonight. But I'm hopeless. You'll see." ---{}--- So that's how I got to work with Brad Decker. Not that I'd planned it or anything like that. xhamster lesbian I was much too xhamster .com shy to do something like that. Brad was the school hero. As 8th graders, we were in the top class in school, and Brad was the top athlete. He starred in all the sports xhamster photos we had, playing the glamour positions, and xmaster.com to top that off, he was blond, well-built, very good looking and didn't have the stuck-up personality most guys it his position did. Girls were all over him and he dated xhamster pics a lot of them, dated as much xhamster milf as a 13-year-old can, but seemed to steer clear of a steady relationship with any one. He ran with xhamaster the popular crowd and was pretty much the top dog of that group. Did I say he was good looking? I, on very much the other hand, was xxx xhamster a nobody. Or less. I was very ordinary looking, with a mop of unruly curly xhamster spanking muddy brown hair that did what it wanted to do, much more into books than sports xhamster deutsch due to xhamsters an innate clumsiness I think I inherited from my father, and shy to the point I didn't have many friends and no really close ones. If I hung with any group at school, it was the "loser" crowd, and I wasn't really even part of that group. To top off this resume of attributes, I was starting to consider, in an intellectual sort of way, the possibility that I might be gay. As I had had no experiences with either sex, it wasn't a certainty, but I sure thought a lot more about boys than girls. I sure noticed them more. They interested me more. Especially good looking ones. Which meant, especially Brad. But he was so far x hamster beyond what I could aspire to, he really didn't belong in my world and only occasionally entered my fantasies. The class system was alive and well in our middle school. Brad x hamster.com was firmly established on the top tier. I was somewhere beneath the lowest. People in my position consider the possibility of associating with someone in x-hamster x hampster Brad's position about the same as xhamster milf winning the lottery, only less. At thirteen, according to the books I'd read, I was pretty normal, which means my hormones were bouncing through my veins like xh popcorn in a theater xxxhamster corn popper and I didn't have much outlet for the things they were xhamester encouraging me to do except the traditional one, home alone, in my room, door tightly shut. hamster.com At school I had become very efficient at covering myself up with notebooks, untucked shirts, xhamster mature carelessly hung jackets and the like as any old fleeting thought or incidental contact could arouse hamster me in about three seconds flat. It occurred to me that if I was going to be spending a couple hours this afternoon https //xhamster.com and tomorrow with Brad Decker, BRAD DECKER! for xham God's sake, I was potentially in for a world of hurt. I'd be sitting next to him, leaning over a textbook with gay xhamster him, xhamster sex xhamster/ feeling his breath on my neck, probably rubbing shoulders with him, oops- something just came up. What xhamster de if it did that this afternoon? I'd had a crush on him for three years in a forbidden-fruit sort of way, just dreaming, not even hoping. Like I did hamster xxx on several very x video attractive boys. What xhamster jepang would happen xhamster stories if I were forced to be close to him? What was I going to do? What xhamster videos if what comes natural came natural and xhamster indian Brad noticed? I'm going to be a dead man. Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 09:18:40 -0800 From: xhamster com Cole Parker Subject: 8th xhamster hd Grade, Chapter 4 The following is a work of fiction. It will depict sex between young xhamster vintage boys. Should it be illegal for you to read this, please do not do so. You don't want to get in trouble and neither do I. This story will not contain a lot of sex, in fact, just the exact amount appropriate for this story. What a novel idea! If you want a lot of sex, you probably should read xhamster gay a different story. There are a lot on xhamster odir this website. Any remarks can be addressed hamsterxxx to: Cole Parker 8th Grade Chapter 4 The next morning in math Brad came xhamster desi up to me to chat before class and was really friendly. There was something about him, xhamsters.com https //xhamster.com/ something I didn't understand but something that made my shyness go xxxhamster away. I found I didn't have any problem just talking and responding to him. Weird. After xmaster classes that xhamster pics afternoon Brad was already in the corner of the detention room waiting for me. I grinned at him, then walked up to the front of the room. Tonight's Keeper of Good Order was Mrs. Odom, a young first year teacher who always tried to be friends site xhamster.com xhamster x master with all the kids. I figured this would be easy, and it was. She readily agreed that Brad and I could work together and even said we could ask her for help if we needed it. I thanked her and went back to the corner. "What did your parents say, you know, about the detention and the D?" I asked. "Ah, they weren't too bad. Sort of like I expected. When I told them how much I'd learned, working with you, they forgot all about everything else. Dad wants me to get an athletic scholarship after high school and keeps telling me I have to keep my grades up to get one from a big school, and I have to start now. He's been on my ass about algebra. He was really pleased when I told him you were helping porno me and it was all making sense." "That's great Brad, but remember, I'm just showing you what Graedon should have. You're doing all the work learning it," I pointed out. "You're really very good at this." "Naaa. free xhamster I'm really not. I didn't get it at all from Graedon. You're a better teacher than she is, you know? All she does is gripe and piss and moan at us, then make sarcastic remarks when we have problems. You keep encouraging me, and you make it understandable. I don't know why, but you seem to really want me to learn the stuff, and for some reason, xha that helps. x hamsters I'd just given up on this. I thought I was too stupid to learn it." He looked a little embarrassed, then smiled at me again, and got a look it his eyes, hamsterporn his very deep blue eyes. I couldn't quite interpret it, but the look made my stomach feel funny. I started feeling very uneasy all of a sudden and didn't know why. "Let's look hamsterxxx at where we stopped yesterday," I said, sitting down and messing with my books; I ended up with a couple of them on my lap. We worked together, I pointed out porno hamster a couple things, we kept talking back and forth and way too soon Mrs. Odom was telling everyone they could go. Brad seemed almost reluctant to stop. I had to admit, it hadn't seemed like an hour and a xhamster indian half. I guess sitting there working with xhamster geschichten Brad, being that close and xhamster mobile comfortable with him, freeporn can do that to you. The feelings I'd had yesterday of getting to know him and liking being with him had continued to grow. He xhamster porn seemed very comfortable with xh me, too, but perhaps that was wishful thinking on my part. Maybe xmaster I just wanted it to be true. After xhamter all, he was a star, I was a dork. That's a very important divide at 13. "Well, at least we're xhamster granny done with detention," I said lightly. "Yeah, but we've still got xhamster pics a couple chapters to cover. Hey, could we do this again tomorrow? I could come over to your house after practice." He got a pleading look xhamsters videos it his eyes and seemed so eager that xham it was funny and I had to laugh. Then I sobered hamster tube xhamster stories up and remembered whom I was talking to. "Are you sure you xhamster stories want to do that? You know, we got stuck in here because of my big mouth and temper, but now, you can get anyone xhampster to help you. xhamsterlive You don't need to hang around with me for this." Brad looked at me and it seemed he got sort of angry right away. "What are you talking about?" he asked angrily. "Nobody's going to help me like you are. Do you want to stop doing it? I don't. I want to keep going. You can keep doing this, can't you?" His tone changed. "Please?" "Sure, if you want to. I'll keep going it you want to." Was xhamsterlive he kidding? This was great! I LOVED doing it. "I'll need www xhamster.com to give you directions. Here, I'll draw you a map." I was opening my notebook when I felt his hand porn on my arm. "You don't need to do that. I know where you live. I'll be over right after practice tomorrow. Should be around 4:45. That OK?" "Sure," I said. "See you then." He xhamster com smiled at me and said, "I'd give you a ride home but my mom's taking me to the mall to get some stuff xhamster.com and then we're going out to eat. So OK, see you tomorrow." And with that he was gone. ---()--- I went to my locker, dropped off my books, stuck some different ones in my backpack, grabbed it and my jacket and started home. I live about a mile from school and always walked. I could have ridden my bike but with a heavy backpack xhamster photo it was awkward and I didn't mind walking anyway. I always sort of wished I had someone to walk with, but kept that thought in the back of my mind as much as possible. When I got home my father greeted xhamster/ me as usual and we sat for a while talking about what had gone on at school. I xhamster categories have to say right out, I'm very close to my dad. We talk about things most teenagers don't discuss with their fathers, like what's happening in my life and my feelings and stuff like xha that, almost everything's OK to talk about, although sex has xhamster categories never come up. That we don't discuss. And I hadn't had the courage yet to xhampster talk about maybe being gay, but as I don't know what's what with that anyway, it's always seemed premature to talk about it with anyone. hamsterx But I probably will when I'm ready, and I don't think I'll have a problem doing it. I xhamster. can discuss anything that is troubling me. I really like him and we're really close, as I said. I hamsterporn don't hate him or feel rebellious against him or anything else. He's smart and affectionate and supportive www.xhamster.com and, well, really cool. And he's the only one I can talk to like a xhamster pictures best friend. He knew about me working with Brad, we'd discussed xha what had happened yesterday, and so I xhamster photos told him he'd be coming over tomorrow to finish the work he needed help with. "OK," he xhamster odir said, "Why don't you go make sure your room looks good, just like you want it to, so you can work there tomorrow." I agreed, and after making sure I couldn't get him anything, headed upstairs to do that. First, of course, when I got there, there was something more urgent to attend x hamster to. An hour and a half of being close to Brad had increased about ten fold the normal urgency I always felt this time of day. I didn't have to worry any about being interrupted, so closing the door was more a formality than necessity. I always changed out of my school clothes when I got home. Closing my door, then exhamster undressing, was sort of a ritual, a preparation, that in and of itself got me excited. By the time I was undressed, I was ready. From ready to explosion didn't take very long. I'm 13. ---()--- All next day I was buzzed. I was looking forward eagerly to Brad xhamster gay coming over, but was nervous at the same time. I guess you could call it a dreadful anticipation. This was the most popular kid in school, coming over xhamster. com to my house! He sure hadn't acted the slightest https //xhamster.com/ bit stuck up with me, but he had a lot xhamsters videos of friends, all of whom were popular xhamster live and a lot xham of whom were probably rich, maybe even he was rich, hamster sex I didn't know, and my family sure wasn't. We just had a small house in xhamster granny a lower middle class neighborhood that sure wasn't anything special. My room was small, and, oh my God, where was xhamster xxx Brad going to sit? I'd have xhampster.com to think about this. I couldn't sit on the bed with him. I'd be hard as a steel pipe in a second, and he'd see. The small desk I had in one corner was only big enough for one chair. That wouldn't work at all. Maybe we could work on the floor. There xhamster japanese was room for that, we wouldn't be so close together, the bed xhamester wouldn't be wiggling every time either of us moved, that might be xhamster .com a lot better. And then xhamster spanking a thought xhmaster jumped out of nowhere. It xhamster spanking was: Brad knows where I live! Huh? That didn't make any sense. Why would he have any idea where I lived? He didn't even know I existed till a couple days xhamster photos ago. Or did he? xhamster.com He seemed to know my name. I was used to being xhamster femdom totally anonymous at school. This was confusing. It seemed a little strange. It seemed even a bit unsettling. In math class, Mrs. Graedon announced a big test next Monday. She looked at Brad when she said, "and xhamster japan this one will cover everything we've studied so far." xhamsters.com The class groaned its mandatory groan and she glared at us, then began talking about imaginary numbers. After class, Brad reminded me xhmaster he'd be over xhamster jepang tonight and I told him I was looking forward to it. He smiled and said, "Me too. See ya then." I watched him as he headed off down the hall for his next class. He was gorgeous. Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 17:07:36 -0800 From: Cole Parker Subject: 8th Grade, Chapter 7 The following is a work of fiction, entirely a product of my imagination. Though I wish I'd known these characters, I have only in my head. xhamster video This story will contain some sex between consenting partners. xhamster hd Both partners will be boys. Please read no further if that offends you, xhamster video or if xhamster xhamster granny x hamster.com it is illegal to do so. Following the rules is the best bet for everyone in the long run. This story will porno xhamster not contain a lot of sex, but what is consistent with the thrust of the story and the personalities of the characters. I realize you've been waiting patiently. Don't fret-- xhamster live it is coming. I would like to thank Chris for his good suggestions and support and keeping me grounded. Any remarks can xhamster indonesia be addressed to: Cole Parker 8th Grade Chapter 7 My dad called me into the living room after Brad had left. Mom had already gone to bed. I sat xhamster lesbian down on the couch next to his wheelchair. "Danny," hamsterxxx he said, "I'm glad you had Brad over. You two sounded like you were having so much fun together. I haven't heard you laugh porn like that for ages. It made my heart happy. You need to spend time with kids xhamster mom xhamster porno your own age, not so much with me and your mother or alone. You'll never know xhamster xxx how much we appreciate the sacrifices you've made for us, but you need to be a kid. Brad seems so nice, and he sounds like he's known you for exhamster years, the way you joke together. hamster x That's so good. But, what I also hear is something in your voice when you talk to him, something that I haven't heard before." He stopped free porn talking, obviously wanting me to respond to his line of thought without him having to ask too much, and I xhamster free didn't know what to say. I was always honest with him, which is why we xhamster .com were so close. You start hiding things from people, especially www.xhamster important things like your feelings, and you just can't be as close with them as if you're honest. The problem was, I wasn't sure just what I felt. But then, I thought, isn't that what mature xhamster having a good friend was for, wasn't xhamster/ it to have mature xhamster someone to bounce things hamster off, to get advice from, to get support? I trusted him to be on my side. So, I said to myself, 'the hell with it, x hampster let's get this over with,' and I just started talking. "Dad, you heard right. I like Brad, I like him a lot. I mean, I haven't had a friend my xhamster videos age for a couple years and having him to share things with is great. Being able to spend time with him and be around him is making me feel better about things than I've felt for a long xhamster tube time. His presence seems to let me release pressure I didn't ever realize I had in me. But also, I'm feeling things when I'm with him, even when I just think xhamster free porn about him, xhamster. that I've never felt before, and I'm hamster.com not sure what they mean. I'm a little confused, a little scared, but also very excited. It's a little difficult to even talk to you about this because I haven't figured it out in my own head yet." Dad was looking at me, well, his head was focused in xhamster mobile my direction, and he was listening intently. Now, he reached his porno hand out and grasped mine. "Danny," he xhams said softly, compassionately, "you're thirteen. At that age everything is new and confusing. You'll have crushes on your friends, on people you see at school that you don't even know but who look good to you. You'll see a girl toss her head, flip her pony tail, and you'll fall in love. You'll see a cute boy stoop to pick xhamster up a xhamaster pencil he dropped and somehow porno xhamster the way he xhamster pictures looks doing it will almost overwhelm you. This isn't anything www.xhamster for you to worry about. You should enjoy it! It's fun, being enthralled with the beauty and vitality of life around xhamster de you. These crushes are wild and exciting and the boy you fall in love with today will https //xhamster.com mean nothing to you tomorrow. The girl hamster tube who gets you hot and bothered tomorrow with her looks will speak to you the day after and you'll fall out of love with her the second you come in contact with her brain." xhamstercom He paused, thought for a second, then continued. "I think what you're saying to me is you have feelings for Brad, romantic feelings?" I started to nod, then said softly, "yes. He nodded. "It's probably scary thinking you might x.hamster have feelings for Brad that go beyond mere friendship. But don't be xhamsters scared. Be his friend. Spend as much time with him as either of you want to spend. What happens happens. You'll either both feel an attraction that will build, or one or both of you will only want to be friends. Maybe great and xhamaster lifelong friends, maybe just good friends. Things have a way of settling themselves, of changing with time. But xhamster deutsch don't be afraid of life. Don't be afraid to experience the highs and even the lows that it has for xxx xhamster you. If you're afraid to put yourself in a place where these things can happen, you're denying yourself the chance to live. You like Brad a lot. You just said so. So why would you be afraid to spend time with him and get to like him even better, if that's what happens?" Well, I thought, here goes. "But Dad, what if that means, well, might that mean I'm gay? What if www xhamster.com the attraction does grow, and we x hamster.com feel the same way about each porn xhamster other. What then?" "That might happen. Sure, it could. Or you might not fall in love with him but xhamster indian simply strengthen your friendship. Would either hamster sex one xhamster lesbian of xhamster deutsch those things be a tragedy? Wouldn't it be more gay xhamster of a tragedy to either deny yourself the chance to be happy or not have the chance xhamster xxx to grow xhamster mom into a deep friendship x.hamster because you're www.xhamster afraid of what never might happen? Being gay isn't something you can do anything about, but living a happy x-hamster and full life is something you can either strive for or avoid through fear. xhamster gay I don't want to see you avoiding life because you're afraid of xhamster porn how messy it might be or for some other equally absurd reason." I leaned over a hugged my father, hard, and just held onto him xhamster free porn for a minute. "Dad, thank you," I eventually almost whimpered. "You have no idea what that means to me. You're there for xhamster free me, and I really needed that right x master now. You're right, mature xhamster I'm scared, scared of a lot of things. The kids at school, my own feelings, whether Brad will get tired of hamster porno me, how complicated this is going to be, whether I'll even feel the same next week. But one fear I won't have now is that you'll be upset or disappointed. Thanks. You're just xhampster.com the best. I love you, Dad." "Me too, Danny. xhamster indonesia Hey, I want you to tell Brad tomorrow you'll spend Friday night with him, and you have the best time you porn xhamster can with him. He wants to be your friend; you can hear xhamster live it in the way he talks porn to you. Let him be. OK, that's enough advice for tonight. The office is closed. Now, how about a dish of ice cream?" ---()--- The next day at school, Brad met me by my locker. I told him I could spend the night Friday and he got a huge smile on his face. "That's great, Danny! It'll be cool! What time can you be over there?" "Well, x hamester actually, if you want, I could come home after school with xhamster japan you and eat there too. It'll save your parents xhampster.com a trip driving over to my house to get me. My dad says he'll have some Chinese food delivered xhamster photo when mom comes home and I should just go enjoy myself. Is that OK? I don't want to invite myself or anything." "No, that's wonderful! I can hardly wait till tomorrow! I porno hamster have to watch the hamster xxx team's practice scrimmage right after school, but if you want to come to that with me, my mother can drive us home after that. How does that sound? This is great!" I had a hard time keeping from laughing at his enthusiasm, and then, remembering my father's message, thought, why not laugh? So I did, he looked at me and grinned sheepishly and got this warm look xxx hamster in his eyes I couldn't quite comprehend, and I told him, "Works for me. I'll bring my stuff to school in a gym bag and be ready to go when you are." And that's what we did. That's how I ended up spending the night with Brad Decker. Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 10:04:59 -0800 From: Cole Parker hamster.com Subject: 8th Grade, Chapter 10 The following is a fictional account of two boys' journey through xhamster vintage some adventures of early adolescence. It will contain some sexual content. If this sort of story is offensive or illegal for you to read, please exit xhamster sex and find something else to occupy your time. I would like to thank Chris for his help and friendship. Without either, this story would xhamster femdom neither have been written nor xhamster. com posted here. I would also like to express my genuine thanks to all of those who have written to express their enjoyment of this story. You make me proud. Any remarks can be addressed to: Cole Parker 8th Grade Chapter 10 I was about to say something, bu